Billing Software

Project Descriptions

Software designed to handle time and billing tracking as well as invoicing customers for services and products. Billing software can track the hours worked by employees as well as expenses associated with projects or clients.Most time and billing software applications also create billing cycle reports to display information such as hours worked, expenses incurred, how much to bill clients, and which clients owe money for specific projects.

Project Details

  • Name : Billing Software
  • Category : Web Application Software
  • Language : PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, AJAX
  • Database : MySQL
  • Project URL : www.softmaxinfotech.com/

Billing Software Features


Tracking your time has never been easier. With access from anywhere and one click time entries with timers; you'll be tracking time, creating invoices and generating reports in minutes. Bill4Time stores information about your client, project, activity, rates, and more so when you enter your time worked, it's automatically organized.


Stay organized after you send the bill. Easily accept and keep track of your payments. Bill4Time keeps track of all balances and payment activity you store in the system. You have quick access to all information about projects, outstanding balances, and all accounting activity. You can easily export to QuickBooks.


Bill4Time can handle many billing situations including multiple billing rates, flat and hourly combinations, and more. All your data is stored and organized to create invoices in minutes. Send out professional invoices via email or print and mail. Easily manage your invoices with outstanding balances and even get paid quicker by accepting payments electronically.


Whether you are on a Mac or a PC, using Bill4Time is as easy as visiting a website. Bill4Time is web-based so you'll never have to install or download software, or worry about operating-system compatibility-you just launch your web browser and start tracking time and billing.


Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your business with Bill4Time's many reports. Give a detailed account to your clients in a matter of seconds. See how well you are doing with your trust accounts, contractors, users, clients, productivity, taxable items, expenses and more.


Go beyond the address book by having simple access to all your client information. Keep up with your clients and everything that makes them unique. Create invoices, generate reports, access uploaded client documents and more.


Professional company-branded portal for your clients and partners with no set-up hassles or complicated software to install.


Bill4Time has the muscle to handle law firms and businesses who work with lawyers, making it a robust legal billing software. Keep detailed time billing records of current and past clients, cases, and invoices with ease.


Enter expenses from anywhere at any time, whether you're logged into Bill4Time, on-the-go via our mobile app or using our desktop widget. Plus go paperless and stay organized without the clutter of receipts.


Save your data and files safely and securely to the cloud with Bill4Time's native storage options, or with our partner Box. You'll be able to access your files and documents anywhere, from all of your devices making running your firm and collaboration seamless.


Your data is important and it's protected with Bill4Time. We store it on highly secure servers and give you the opportunity to keep it on your computer any time you want. Some users need more access to the system than others. Customize Bill4Time to cater to your needs. You're in control.


Bill4Time supports accountant's time tracking and billing needs with special features developed especially for accountants. Powerful and simple-to-use, Bill4Time enables you to organize your time, expenses, billing, payments and outstanding balances and easily integrates with QuickBooks.

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