Hotel Management System

Hotel Management Software Made Easy.

Hotel management software helps hotels maximize online visibility, boost occupancy rates and increase revenues - all online, in one single dashboard.

We create new online sales channels and enable you to achieve higher recognition in global markets, broader guest outreach, and higher profitability.

Project Details

  • Name : Hotel Management System
  • Category : Web Application Software
  • Language : PHP, Javascript, HTMl, CSS, AJAX
  • Database :MySQL
  • Project URL : www.softmaxinfotech.com/

Modules and Key Features

Hotel Management System

Roomsy is web based hotel management software. Information is stored on the cloud so you can access your information anywhere there's internet. There's no need for installations, maintenance, or backups. All this is handled for you.

Online Hotel Reservation

The online hotel booking system lets you receive reservations directly from your website. It integrates with the rest of Roomsy's hotel management system, storing all your information in one place.


Managing your property requires quick access to information. As owners or managers, you want to know exactly how your business is running. With the reports our property managment software offers, you'll see what you need when you need it.

Employee Tracking

Important activities are recorded to show the employees responsible for them - keeping your employees accountable for their actions.

Invoices & Statements

View, review, or print invoices and statements. We make it easy to manage corporate or group accounts by grouping invoices together. With our customer profiles, you can instantly check the balances of your biggest customers.

Less Training

Roomsy was designed for ease of use. Learning the hotel management system takes minutes. We provide training material and provide support for any questions you might have.

Customer management

Keep track of your regular customers. Track how much they are spending, and what their preferences are. Use this information to improve your loyalty programs.

Keep Yourself Organized

Roomsy eliminates the need to track information with paper. By organizing your information for you, we save you time and money that can be better spent elsewhere.

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