School Management System

Project Descriptions

Welcome to SOFTMAX INFOTECH(OPC)Pvt.Ltd.school management software; yet another milestone furnished synergistically with brilliance and technology. School Management System software covers each and every entity of school. The Software is designed for all types of schools. Every Module of SMS is predominantly carved up into 3 sections, viz; Master, Transaction and Reports.

Project Details

  • Name : School Management System
  • Category : Web Application Software
  • Language : PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, AJAX
  • Database : MySQL
  • Project URL : www.softmaxinfotech.com/

Modules and Key Features


  • Automate Registration & Admission by using Entrance results.
  • Manage Student Information Efficiently.
  • Effectively Manage Transport Facilities.
  • Generate payroll, manage staff details and print PF and other relevant forms.
  • Automate Library using our Management Tool.
  • Automated Examination Management System & Preparing Grades Sheets & Report Cards and analyzing the Performance of each and every class & students.
  • Manage Hostel & lodging.
  • Countless MIS Reports Generation.

Admission Module

  • The Admission module provides a comprehensive solution to computerize the admission process which is performed while admitting a student into the school. Admission system is completely synchronized with the Fee management system & accounting system i.e. when a student is given an admission from the admission /reception office, accounts system will know automatically the fee structure of the student and fee that has to be collected.In this module we can view assorted options for the various procedures concerned with the admission process such as
  • Computerized Application Form
  • Tracking Registration Process
  • Analyzing Entrance Marks and Automatic selection based on Entrance Mark
  • Automatic allocation of section, group and language

Student Management

  • Student Management System (SMS) streamlines data collection, storage & retrieval and the management of records to improve both operational and management tasks.
  • This module starts functioning once a candidate is taken admission into the school. It generates new admission lists, strength report, student detail, income reports, religion wise/caste wise detail and many more reports.
  • Student Admission and Enrollment system supports the student admission & registration process, the maintenance of current student personal and historical data. The database maintained by this system usually contains personal student information. Student Module provides a simplified application process by reducing effort and duplication. It uses a single window entry system for selection process.

Inventory Module

  • All the schools' consumables, durable and other items issued to staff and students can be managed through this module. There are 3 types of issue used in this module and they are
  • Free Issue
  • Cash Issue
  • Credit Issue
  • The inventory module deals with all sundry purchases, issuance of items and maintenance of stock availability. This module is packed with a number of features like generation of requisitions, covering main store and sub-stores, generation of purchase orders, delivery memo, purchase bill, purchase return, employee issue and return, main store issue and return, stock ledger, stock statements and fast/slow moving items. The inventory module also facilitates a number of analytical reports useful for Inventory Control. 'Product Pack' can be created in this module for easy issuance of set or group of items in single bill. In short Inventory management provides the complete status of items received, consumed and in stock items.

Transport Module

  • Transport management module will make the process of assigning student & maintaining the trip details of the student and vehicles easier. This module will keep the records of transferring or interchanging of bus routes, list of students using conveyance, list of students of a specific route, name wise and class wise.
  • Features Configure Route & Boarding Points. Assign Month Wise & Place wise fee structure. Bus facility can be provided at the starting of the session or in between.
  • Transport module is also integrated in to the fee management module and accounts so that the transport charges are automatically charged from the students. To the management, the system provides vital information regarding the expiration of Insurance, renewal of Permits, Details of fuel consumption and fuel economy of the vehicle etc.

Hostel Module

  • Hostel Management manages all the information related to the Hostel and other boarding arrangements for students and staff. Hostel Management system caters to the information requirements for the following areas:
  • Hostel Buildings and Room creation.
  • Hostel Fee Structure creation.
  • Hostel Fee Structure creation.
  • Room allotment to the student.
  • Transfer of rooms.
  • Reports in regard to the Room Availability, Room Allocation, and Student Transfer are provided too.
  • Hostel management module reduces paper works. This module will keep the updated records of students, lodging, room transfer and other facilities. Deposit and refund of security amount can be managed effectively. Hostel Management System is useful to perform the complete Hostel Management functionalities and generates Hostel wise student list, room wise student list, and other functional reports at ease.

Extra Curricular Activity

Extracurricular activities are performed by students that fall outside the realm of the normal curriculum of school education. Extracurricular activities exist at all levels of education, and accordingly the fee type also differs, so these details are mentioned in this module and admission of students to various actives are also mentioned here. This module is directly linked with the fee Management system, so that the corresponding amount is collected when the student pays the tuitions fee.


This module is fully integrated will all the modules to prepare receipts, vouchers and to find the receivables and payables. This module facilitates the preparation of Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account and Trial balance. On a click of mouse button you will be able to see the status of anything related to the financial account.

Staff Management & Payroll

  • The Staff Management module contains the complete history of staff from recruitment including staff profile, staff's leave register, leave policies and staff attendance and termination.
  • Some of the key features of Payroll Module are
  • Flexible Earning & Deduction Structure.
  • Calculate Basic Pay based on Attendance.
  • Define your own leave rules.
  • Automate Loans Re-Payment by creating schedules.
  • Carry all PF & Salary, automatically to accounts.
  • Bank transfer statement facility is available.
  • Generate Pay slip and reports in single click.

Fees Management

  • This module is one of the most critical processes involved in running a school. Our Fee management Module provides its users with complete solution to handle fee-related information along with the frequency at which it is collected. Staff involved in fee collection will have restricted access to this module. Only the administrator will have the complete control over the fee structuring and other related activities.
    The Fee module enables you to maintain registers of fee receipts and outstanding amounts on a student/class basis. The fee module has a configurable structure for concession and penalty and its calculations thereof.
  • This module is classified into
    1. Master
    2. Fee Structure
    3. Fee Collection
    4. Reports & Analysis
  • This module aids the maintenance and tracking of not only student’s fee collections, but also for refund and cancellation. This module includes
  • Fee Structure Defining (Tuition Fee, Bus Fee, Hostel Fee), Fee Receipt, Penalty Calculation(User can define fee structure, all type of fee and fine)
  • Student wise fee configuration (User can configure student wise / class wise fee / common for all students)
  • Fee Collection Reports (User can check fee reports Daily, Monthly or Date wise and on many other criteria’s)
  • Searching or Filter options (User can search students by name, by class and by Admission No.)
  • Providing concession & refund are also provided with this module.
  • Fee heads can be defined monthly, quarterly, and annually or in installments.
  • Fee structure defined for one class can be copied to other classes if required.
  • Parents can make the payment either by cash, Cheque, or Credit card.
  • You can generate different types of reports like daily fee statement, consolidated fee statement, class wise dues, and student paid details etc.
  • You can maintain Transport fee & Hostel & ECA Fees exclusively.
  • This school fee management tool also generates a complete summary of payable fees (Current outstanding payment) and collected amount. In addition, with this school fee management software daily fee collection reports can be made available to the concerned staff.
  • Fee Management Module automatically calculates the pending fees, deductions and concessions if any applicable to the selected student. In addition to the above, the user is also provided the option to allow payment of more than one month/fee-cycle fee.
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